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Our mission


Our mission is to connect your audience, clients, and/or customers with your ideas, products, and services.  We don't just build your site, we bring forth the blogger in you, so that others may better relate to your talents, works, and skills.  What better way to market yourself than to allow those curious fans insight into your thoughts?


We can work with just a flicker of a thought, so don't be shy if you don't have a plan, or be intimidated with the technical aspects of building a website.  We would be delighted to help you conceptualize and strategically plan your website launch.  Afraid of putting things into words?  Fear not, for as long as you have something to say, we will tend to all the backend nuances and find the necessary talents needed to assist you in blogging your thoughts and market your business.  Piggy2Market is a one-stop shop and our aim is to promote you, your blog, and business.